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Cold Brewed Coffee | by obsessiondujour
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Cold Brewed Coffee

Once upon a time, I grew up in The Deep South. Close enough to New Orleans that it was not uncommon for me to get there a couple times a year. So I am intimately familiar with the fact that SO many things are...different there...better. The coffee, though, I could never understand it. I could never figure out WHY it was so much better. Sure, it has to do with how they roast it, and whether one has a taste for chicory, which I clearly did.....along with crawfish, gumbo, po boys, rum drinks, and leather bars, oh, OK...and History, but I digress. But even when I would buy local coffee and take it home with me, it wouldn't be the same. It would be close, but still not the same. Finally I decided it was just 'something in the water' like oh, so, so many things there and let it go.


About 10 years ago now, I went to NOLA with a group of friends, where we wound up one bleary-eyed Sunday morning at, of ALL places, The House of Blues Sunday brunch. (You can't know how much I want to reset this story in some other storied NOLA locale, but there it is...HoB. Some of this group were not so tuned into the beauty of the 'dive', but whatevs) So I'm sitting in the HoB with my best friend, and we wrap our hands thankfully around the coffee our waitress pours, and we took one sip and....I swear to you, ANGELS began to sing about this coffee. He and I discussed this at length, decided that it must be the product of exhaustion, and concentrated on our surprisingly awesome breakfast. Two hours and half a dozen cups of this coffee later, we broke down and admitted that this really was the best cup of coffee we'd ever had. So we asked the waitress what kind of coffee they used, and she replied..."Oh, well...I don't know the brand, but it's a coffee...syrup, sort know? Like...a concentrate?" At which point we both (coffee snobs that we are) sort of rolled our eyes, cursed our hangovers, and dismissed the whole thing as folly. But it STILL comes up occasionally in conversation as the best cuppa we've ever had.


Fast-forward to Friday, and Minty mentions cold-brewed iced coffee, which sets me on a search which leads me, through a VERY circuitous route to here, and HOLY SHIT! This is's the answer to the mystery of, quite literally, a lifetime. It is JUST as good hot as cold, and how on earth did I never know this? HOW?!?!

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Taken on June 13, 2010