Psychotherapy Clinics in Art
Freud's room, photographed by Edmund Engelman (1907-2000) in June 1938, shortly before Freud left Vienna after Austria's annexation by Nazi Germany ("Anschluss").
This photograph is considered one of the sources of the term "The Analyst's Couch" as a symbol of psychoanalysis in Western society.
The analyst's visibility to the patient and the setting of clinics have undergone considerable changes throughout the years, along with changes in psychoanalytic practice. Engelman took about 150 pictures of Freud’s home and office, as well as pictures of Freud himself, which served in the reconstruction of Freud’s office in Freud’s museum in London. The photographs were published in the book: Berggasse 19: Sigmund Freud’s Home and Office, Basic Books, New York, 1976
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