• to be replaced with something like the mirrored bulbs in the first Budget Living
  • Rubbie, the orphaned rubber plant from Ben and Melissa
  • The question is, at what height should we hang the mirror?
  • buffet from Crate and Barrel
  • Mirror from CB2. It has a little ledge shelf all the way around that we can perch flowers or cards on, I thought it was a nice way to add a few seasonal decorations without hanging another little shelf. This is basically the mantle for our house.
  • Reflection of my wall o' storage.
  • Too bad the colors do not match a little better. It's not like we'll notice in the dark of winter though, ha ha.

the dining room

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I have a question here.

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  1. shutterbean ages ago | reply

    beauty! i would hang the mirror a little bit higher than you placed it (if you are putting stuff on top of the buffet). it will make the room look bigger & more open.

  2. glittergoods ages ago | reply

    gorgeous picture. oh, minimalism, I am so sorry my unruly children scared you away.

    I like a higher mirror, but then again, I am tall, so there you go.

  3. smitten kitchen ages ago | reply

    Now, I have no eye for this stuff but I vote for higher, too, on the mirror, perhaps even halfway between the ceiling and buffet-top. This way, when you add a tall vase or whatever serving dishes or decorative pieces on top, it won't interfere with the mirror. Love the rubber plant.

  4. not martha ages ago | reply


    glittergoods - What you cannot see is all the clutter I moved just out of frame to take this picture.

  5. centrs ages ago | reply

    pick the tallest person in your house and then put the mirror so the middle of it is even with that person's eye level. too high and you're going to chop off your face and that will annoy you after a while even if you're not a "look into the mirror" type of person.

  6. tlkativ ages ago | reply

    orange is my absolute favorite color, bravo! :)

    I agree with centrs on the mirror placement. Measure halfway between the top of the buffet and the ceiling and then drop the mirror about a foot further down. Plus, tall vases with flowers would look great reflected in the mirror!

  7. not martha ages ago | reply

    We're both relatively short, so that's why I'm looking for a general guideline (is there one?). If we go off of ourselves it might feel suspicious low. When we're in this room we'll mostly be sitting at a dining room table (not pictured) right in front of the buffet. The mirror is more to reflect light than to use to see oneself in.

    Is there a book that has this information? Why isn't there a pamphlet given out when people first move out on their own?

  8. Nicole Balch ages ago | reply

    I know everyone is saying to go higher with the mirror, but I disagree. It would relate to the buffet better, and read as being more cohesive.

    I actually really like where you drew the box for your note on the photo.

  9. shutterbean ages ago | reply

    well, you want to make sure you can at least see your head in the mirror! i think maybe when you change the to the mirrored bulb thing...it will help balance the room out and it wont be an issue if the mirror is at that height :)

  10. daxiang stef ages ago | reply

    it depends on what you want to do on top of your buffet - if you are expecting to use some 3-tiered serving trays or chaffing dishes - you don't want the mirror too low. On the other hand you don't want it too high either. think about the highest thing you would likely place on top of the buffet...then go from there.

    love the buffet against the orange wall!

  11. show and tell ages ago | reply

    I like the height right now. If you are mostly going to be sitting in this room at a dining table, I would worry that the mirror will look too high to the people sitting at their chairs if you go any higher up.

  12. maggi.m ages ago | reply

    There's no point in hanging a mirror that you can't check your hair and makeup in. To that effect, I would say screw the tallest person and only worry about yourself :) The buffet and mirror are lovely together, I wouldn't be concerned about the color difference. You don't want to get too matchy-matchy.

  13. Laura VW ages ago | reply

    If you've got doubts, hang it a little lower than you think and then you can always move it up a bit, while still covering up the fixings from where you first put it. If you hang it too high and have to move it down, you'll have to patch in the holes from where you hung it on the wall. (I love the buffet cabinet by the way!)

  14. Laurie | Liquid Paper ages ago | reply

    I have to agree agree with pinklovesbrown. Hanging it lower (like where you drew the box) helps it work well together with the buffet. I think that if you place it much higher it will make it appear small and look like it is floating on the wall.

  15. tfransen ages ago | reply

    I am not sure how to hang the mirror, but wow, I love the orange wall. I've been looking for that exact color. Would you mind sharing paint info?

  16. not martha ages ago | reply

    Sure, it's Field Poppy from Lowe's, I think American Tradition. It was terrible paint, it was plastic-y and pulled up with the tape in a terrible manner. So, be aware that it it better to cut by hand with this stuff.

  17. tfransen ages ago | reply

    Thank you! You can sometimes have a color from one brand of paint mixed in another brand, so I think I will try to do that over the weekend. Thanks for the inspiration. It's really gorgeous, and it looks great with your dark furniture.

  18. not martha ages ago | reply

    I'm glad, I was afraid of it looking too Halloween-y with the dark furniture. I got the paint in a matte finish, by the way, but the light from a south-facing window makes it look shinier than it is.

  19. trashnazi ages ago | reply

    this room is amazing to me

  20. asianmack 106 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Crate and Barrel, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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