ROLU, A Simple Chair
Our histories say so much about who we were, who we are, and who we’re becoming. But what about the histories of our objects, for example, what is the biography of a store-bought wood chair?

A Simple Chair (Returning Home) responds to this question. Throughout the night, ROLU is building a chair on the Soap Factory roof. Visible only by their shadows, the workers offer a reminder of what we can’t see when we buy a chair from a store. The wood used to build these simple chairs is from south Minneapolis and was obtained through the city. Upon completion, the chairs are lowered over the side of the building, and are ceremonially carried across the Stone Arch Bridge and down to the banks of the Mississippi River, a key element to the post-industrial distribution method. From there, participants travel along with the chairs by boat to Riverside Park where they retire and symbolically begin a new and equally poetic phase of their lives.

Presented by Northern with The Soap Factory
Photograph Patrick Kelley, courtesy Northern
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