Janaki Ranpura, Egg & Sperm :: Hide & Seek
Inspired by a perceived lack of romance in the Minnesota tundra, Egg & Sperm :: Hide & Seek is an adult hide-and-seek game repeating throughout the night. It eggs on participants to share connections. Four members of the public per rotation wear glowing Sperm helmets and count while a large Egg rolls to a hiding location. When Sperm find the Egg and lays hands on it, the Egg glows more intensely. Once fully illuminated, the Egg is ushered back to the start point and the game begins again.

Playing with contact, this game electrifies connections between spectators, objects, and participants by offering a fun way to contemplate our motivations. Egg & Sperm uses technology to bring people closer together, physically as well as metaphorically. By exaggerating technology’s role at the center of the human quest for love, this work plays on sex and sexuality’s electrifying components. In emphasizing the body’s physicality, the artist hopes to inspire participating individuals into unplanned acts of contact.

Presented by Northern Lights.mn
Photograph Patrick Kelley, courtesy Northern Lights.mn

Collaboration with Kristen Murray on circuitry; with Emily Stover on the Uterine Arch.

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