SCRG vs B.A.D Girls' Oakland Outlaws
On the 31st anniversary of Elvis' death, the Santa Cruz Roller Girls played against the very talented Bay Area Derby Girls Oakland Outlaws. (I don't think I've seen anyone dodge one of Shamrock N. Roller's shoulder checks like Grrr Lee Burly did last night).

Halftime entertainment provided by Heather and "The Hoopalights"

Half time score: 33 to 72. Final Score: 61 to 123.

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A narrative evaluation of the bout was given by the Santa Sentinel here:

Chris Magyar's narrative evaluation:

BAD Girls bout recap:

Most of the set was taken with a digital rangefinder. The last 20 or so black & white's were taken with a film wide-format (35mm) rangefinder with 3200 ISO film pushed 1 stop to 6400. They're still a bit dark, I gotta fiddle with the exposure next time around.
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