Mt Daniel - 9/09
A day hike up to Mt Daniel's west summit on a fantastic day of beautiful fall weather. It was warm enough that on the way back down I took a dip in Peggy's Pond.

Description of the route :

The South East Ridge of Mt. Daniel. From trail head at Cathedral Rock, up past Squaw Lake to Cathedral Pass and then towards Deep Lake and the side trail to Peggys Pond. From there follow the ridge west of Peggy's Pond, there are numerous boot paths that lead up onto the ridge. Keep following the cairns or the ridge until you crest the ridge and then follow the boot path along the ridge's crest. The East Summit with its dark spiky gendarme on the right will dominate the view along the ridge. Occasionally you'll drop off to the left (west) side of the ridge but most often your right along the ridge line. As you approach the base of the East Summit you'll come upon a row of dark gendarmes. Here the boot path makes its way back up to the top of the ridge and the trail leads along the knife edge right up and over the gendarmes. There will be a single spot (9:40 on the video) where the right side drops off to the Hyas Glacier and there is steep dark gully to your left, the way is up and over the blocky gendarme. From here the trail drops down below the East Summit block along a scree field. Staying higher along the cliff bands offers better footing. Then you regain the ridge where you can see the steamboat of the middle summit and the true West Summit to its left (west). Follow the rocky scree and talus path to the final gendarme where you can scramble to the top most perch. Fantastic views of Pea Soup Lake and Lynch glacier and all the peaks abound.

Map of the Route and Video of the hike up the SE Ridge.
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