New York National Wholesale Liquidators Grand Openning
National Wholesale Liquidators reopened here in West Hempstead. I love this store. Nothing to do with brass ... I love this store! I always love buying my $2.99 extesion chord while getting milk. And don't forget your 2 car jacks for the price of one. I went there this morning so I can "get there before everyone shows up". Apparently, I wasn't the only one who loves this joint. Everyone and his wife showed up. Families, crusaders, elfs, and voorhoorts (a mythical creature that lives on vandervoort avenue in Brooklyn) all took off a day of work and went for the goods like a heard of buffalo in the prarie. They got there before me. National Liquidator Director of Security Phil DeGorter was the one in charge of the crowd control and he told me that people have been calling them up since 2008 and asking to reopen this store. I am happy they complied!
Phil work was cut out for him - working hard to keep up the flow of people that showed up and made sure it was all went smoothly. The lines went around the block, and I have not seen the car park full in years. I am sure he will sleep well tonight.; or maybe not - there is always tomorrow
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