Small paintings drive for Hurricane Sandy Relief
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I am releasing a number of small artworks for sale with 100% of proceeds to benefit hurricane Sandy victims. First come first served. I'll take care of delivering your painting to your door, either by UPS or in person.

Donation // Valuation:
Your donation to Hurricane Sandy relief must be at least $500 where painting retail value = $1000. For larger, more expensive works, the amount of the donation must increase.

- Email me to identify which painting you are interested in purchasing.

- Go online and send $500(+) to the Hurricane Sandy relief fund(s) of your choice.

- Forward me the confirmation email(s) thanking you for your donation.

- We will then arrange a convenient time and place for me to deliver your painting.

Some suggested organizations where you can send $$$ online:

1- Occupy Sandy in NY // Occupy Sandy in NJ

2- Red Cross: Disaster Relief for Hurricane Sandy:

3- Red Hook Inititative:
Donate here:

4- Food Bank NYC - Superstorm Sandy Emergency

Other small works also available in exchange for post-Sandy disaster relief.
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