2010 Florida Keys Spring Field Study
Yes- Missouri kids studying marine biology in the subtropics...

Images were taken from the Florida Keys sailing field study, April 2010. The field study is part of the marine biology program in the Saint Joseph School District. Students meet for class on Monday nights throughout the school year.

The field study was conducted from three ~45' sailboats along the coral reefs of the Florida Keys. The previous ten years of the program featured a field study on the Andros Island bank/barrier reef. The switch in year eleven was a good one if only for the sake of comparison. This year we chose to charter with Fair Winds Sailing this year due to its selection of seasoned captains.

Living and learning 100% of seven days aboard sailboats helps to deliver a unique and focused field study where "immersion" in course content has more than one meaning.

We now also maintain a class network at stjoeh2o.ning.com (Old website: from 1999 to 2008, stjoeh2o.org )

A blog post outlining this experience can be found here.

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