2009 Andros Island Spring Field Study
Yes- Missouri kids studying marine biology in the Bahamas...

Images were taken from the Andros Island sailing field study, April 2009. Field study is part of the marine biology program in the Saint Joseph School District. Students meet for class on Monday nights throughout the school year.

The field study is conducted from three 45' sailboats along the Andros Island bank/barrier reef. This reef, often said to the the world's third longest continuous reef, remains fairly healthy today. This is due to the fact that the Andros reef hugs the east coast of a one hundred mile long island that is very lightly populated.

Last count indicates a total population of around 8,000 all living in small villages along the eastern coast. This adds a very remote nature to the trip.

We now also maintain a class network at stjoeh2o.ning.com (Old website: from 1999 to 2008, stjoeh2o.org )

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