GAPP 2012 / Tussling / Final Bike Tour
During my last full day in Bavaria, I was glad to have a break from the hectic final planning stages of our departure to have a few precious hours to myself. I took the opportunity to do my favorite activity of our trip of taking a bike out for a solo ride to explore the Tussling / Teising area one final time... Traveling by bike is the best way to discover the surrounding towns and countryside because you are going at a slower pace and can better absorb the atmosphere surrounding you. Everything is new and undiscovered, revealed around every turn. It is easy to navigate your way back home by the tall church steeples which are often the highest point within each community... The rural farmland was lush and green, the towns filled with rows of neat, well maintained houses accented with natural color. The overflowing window boxes and gardens are a tribute to the German love of nature... Bike riding will be tops on my list if I am ever able to return to this beautiful country!
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