GAPP 2012 / Marktl - Rosie's Farm / Inn River
A quick afternoon trip to visit the family farm of one of our German teacher hosts who wanted to give us a tour of a real working dairy and horse farm near the village of Marktl, the birthplace of Pope Benedict XVI. The farm was still being run by her 80 year old parents and her brother and his family. It was quite an operation, very busy and everyone working hard. Her brother was shoeing a horse while we were there, quite a skillful task to master. We later went for a walk along the River Inn that bordered the farm property. The large swift river is heavy with silt and had a cloudy greenish blue color that matched the leaves of the willow trees growing along its banks. Eventually, we came to the point where the Altzet River merges with the Inn River and the color contrast could have not been more stark in comparison. It was a beautiful setting and a fun trip all-together!
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