India, Tamil Nadu
Between September 24 and October 1 2006, I visited some of the Hindu temples in southern India for a travel piece for Guardian Unlimited. I was with the Royal Academy of Arts, who are exhibiting a collection of bronze statues from the Chola period. It was a fantastic trip and an amazing place to take photographs. At the temples - which sometimes evoked memories of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - people would come up to you and ask for their photograph to be taken; kids would laugh when you showed them the image on the camera's little screen. I am very grateful to the RAA for inviting me and to professional photographer
Johnny Millar, who was also on the trip, for his generosity in giving me a running commentary of greedily snapped up top tips. I have arranged the photos here with the oldest ones first; Johnny thought - broadly speaking - that I got better as the trip went on. His photographs are fantastic and he will be putting some from this trip on his website.
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