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Look. Changes ahead. | by Patrick Ng
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Look. Changes ahead.

Stealing Time


Time is like an invisible bottle of water, at the very beginning you suck up every drop you need, soon you find that sharing is rewarding and fun, then it become your responsibility to share and you wonder how much is still available for yourself, at this point if you can't figure a way cut down the demand, you will either break down, give up yourself or you have to steal. I steal.


Today I stole a few hours between visiting Dad in hospital and family time to walk in Central with my camera. A few cups of coffee here and there, taking photos in back alleys and checking out some cool shops. I found an old books and stationery store in its closing sale. The owner is also stealing. The time has ran out for his shop to mean something in a district where more and more galleries and cafes are opening and rent is high, luckily he owns the place so he is renting out the place so that he can rent another space to continue the dying business. He is stealing time by economics.


(very old copy books, gummed labels which you lick and stick, short stories and Standardgraph pen)


(China Book Company owner selling HK$15 pairs of old scissors)


(calligraphy nibs, old pencils, cutters and scissors)


(grip developer)


(Chinese chess)


(kids scissors, erasers, glue, pen tray covered with moss, music books)


(photo album, all sorts of erasers, sharpners, learning cassette tapes)


(crowded in its last day, China Book Company)


(look, changes ahead in this street)


My Dad stole too, he stole precious business time and brought back juicy cold watermelon so that we could gather at late night as a family enjoying something together, that was before air conditioning was common. He stole time to look for other potential buyers when others were still considering his price offers (Chinese painting). He stole sleeping time in exchange for quiet studies of the paintings' authenticities. He stole sleeping time from a doctor and 'friend' he thought he could trust when I was terribly sick. He stole my attention in small chunks when he demanded complete silence in the house for his studies. I learned from a great man to steal.


I hope to be able to write more often and not disappointing Scription readers. Been to Vegas and Tokyo in the past month, will visit Taipei and Shanghai in March, bear with me.


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Uploaded on February 18, 2012