2006 Peace march to the Pentagon
March 20, 2006 was the 3rd anniversary of the 2003 US invasion of Iraq. Most people went to work on this morning but some took the day off to join organizers and fellow activists just off of the National Mall.

About 200 people marched across the Memorial Bridge to the Lyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Grove just across the boundary channel from the Pentagon, in Arlington, Virginia.

A portion proceeded further in a symbolic attempt to deliver a faux coffin to Donald Rumsfeld, the Secretary of Defense. They were stopped at the edge of Pentagon property by Pentagon Police and a barricade. A spokesperson asked for someone to speak with and was summarily ignored, although persons from the Pentagon Press Office were present and other official-looking persons looked on (some making snide comments among themselves).

A fraction of these activists at the barricades retreated and then made a conscious decision to attempt to press forward. Only upon announcing this were they spoken to -- a police officer reminded them that those who moved beyond the barricade would be arrested. This warning was acknowledged and as ceremonial ashes were poured over the gates, so did bodies.

According to the Associated Press, 51 participants were arrested. According to a Ms. Irwin, of the Pentagon Press Office, the demonstrators were charged with "refusal to obey a lawful order," a misdemeanor, and will be facing these charges in a Federal Court.

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