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Opening images for my show at the orange county center for contemporary art

What is this thing we associate with existence?

Does anyone actually think about it, or realize that they exist?
Is your mortality of concern, do you contemplate your role on this planet, the universe?

If you think about the vastness of the universe does that make your existence superficial, your beliefs, wants, problems insignificant?

Do you realize that all humans are composed of the same ingredients, that our identity / personality is based on a hierarchical chemical storage in our brain?

Take out the surface layer of our brain, (the crumpled grey matter) it's the size of a dinner napkin. Our memory is stored here.

This is all that separates us.

Yet, there are those that think themselves superior. That use the masses to support them, that treat people as 'others', treat women as a conquest, push their belief system on others, blindly obey their leaders, that kill in the name of God and country, that abuse others and themselves, that vote by television ads, and that thank God for winning an Academy award, or scoring a touchdown.

I find it odd that if life is so precious then why do we only get to experience it once for a short time. That we dont get to experience life as another gender, another race, another social class, another period of time.

I feel ripped off.

The world would be better if we were all grey and without gender, and borders.

This is what I ponder, and the 'end' terrifies me. Because logically its like turning off a light.

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First Friday Films: November 7: 8pm
Network (1976)
Director: Sidney Lumet

EMC Concert no.28: November 15: 8pm
Panic Movement
sleepr wave
Steven H. Antonio
DWL (from Portland Oregon)

EMC Concert no.29: November 22: 8pm
Dancing Lethargic
The Lynx Technique
Joy Shannon & the Beauty Marks

(my birth anniversary: nov 27th)
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