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Ladder 49 | by miskan
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Ladder 49

After lunch I decided to take a walk around the block just to kill some time and enjoy the nice weather. On this walk I past a fire station. I stopped for a second and thought to myself, shall I go in and try and take some pictures? I was a bit nervous as you could imagine, and I am also a shy person but one of the points of this project is to get over the fear of asking people if I could take their picture. So after counting to 10, I decided to take the plunge and go in. When I first walked in I saw 1 fire fighter standing near the entrance and I asked him pretending I was a tourist if I could take pictures of the truck. He nodded signaling I could. So I went ahead and took a few pictures but nothing really interesting. Not wanting this opportunity to go to waste I decided to casually walk deeper into the fire station towards a group of fire fighters. When I got closer to the group I asked them if I could take a picture pointing out the camera I was holding. They nicely told me yes so I went ahead and took the shot. After showing them the picture I had just taken on camera's LCD screen, I told them thank you and went on my way. Very friendly people. Oh and one of the fire trucks, the ladder truck specifically was number 49!

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Uploaded on March 19, 2005