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The Postman | by miskan
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The Postman

Has anyone seen a Kuwaiti postman? How do they look like? Since I was a kid I was always fascinated by this old mailbox located in Salmiya, and I always wanted to see the postman pick up the mail, but I never did. I am not sure if this mailbox is being checked even. For as long as I can remember it was always collections on Sunday at 11AM. In other news, today after lunch I passed by Baskin Robbins and I noticed something very weird. The place looked a lot cleaner, the lights were all on and bright, the brightest I have ever seen the place, it looked new and the biggest shock.. our famous Baskin Robbins employee was not there. Instead there was a new philipino guy in his place. Now I do not know if my blog some how did this, I would like to hope not. I wouldn't want to be responsible for having a poor employee getting sacked. Maybe I shouldn't have taken the pictures.. In any case the new employee is really cool and gives nice big scoops of ice cream so thats a good thing.

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Uploaded on March 6, 2005