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Evil During the Third Reich

Some people in Kuwait are really naive. There is a small shopping center next to NBK and Eureka in Salmiya. I don't know what its called but it has a sports shop on the ground floor and it has Hald Rock Cafe downstairs (yes Hald not Hard). So anyway if you go downstairs you have like 6 stores that all sell the same stuff. Bandanas, tshirts, daggers, fake oakleys, zippos, etc.. PLUS you can also buy your very own swastika flag! No really I am not kidding. This picture is of one of the swastika flags in the shop thats for sale. And you would think only one of them was selling it by mistake but all 6 shops sell the flag. I am sure you also have probably seen some loser with a swastika sticker on the back of his pickup truck. Some people think its a cool flag and proudly display it not knowing what the real meaning is. Even if they did I don't think they would care. Some things are just very strange here.

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Uploaded on March 3, 2005