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Sun On Fire | by miskan
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Sun On Fire

You will not believe this. Around an hour ago I copied my pictures from the camera to my mac. When I was done I deleted the pictures off my camera as I usually do. So then I went to check out the pictures and I couldn't find them! I did a full harddisk search and I couldn't find the pictures. I must have not dragged and dropped correctly or something because none of the pictures got copied onto my mac! I tried using the software Data Rescue but it couldn't recover anything for some reason. What was I gonna do? I needed a picture of a day. I took a quick glance around my room and couldn't find anything worth shooting and talking about so I got an idea. How about I shoot something that looks cool and then tell you how I did it? So thats what I did. The picture above was taken straight off the camera. Like all my other pictures on this site no special effects were added or photoshopped. So how was this picture taken? Its very easy and you can do it yourself. All you need is a camera where you can control the shutter speed, a dark room with no lights coming into it at all, and finally, a light source that will give out a faint light like for example a laser pen or an LED like I used. Now that you have all the items go to the room where you will shoot. Setup your camera on a table or a chair or something solid. Then make sure the camera's shutter speed is set to 10 seconds. Turn off the lights and close the door. Now go hit the Shoot button on the camera and quickly stand in-front of it and wave your light source and voilà! Easy no?

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Uploaded on February 28, 2005