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Gay in Kuwait Again | by miskan
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Gay in Kuwait Again

Is being gay or a lesbian legal in Kuwait? I wonder if most people know what a rainbow flag means and stands for? I would bet you that if some of the guys in Kuwait knew what the rainbow flag meant and saw it on a car with a chick driving, I swear they would probably spend the rest of their lives following her trying to chat her up just because she is a lesbian. Although it would be useless I don't think they would care, just the thought of seeing a real live lesbian in-front of them would get them all excited. Yeah this girl kisses other girls.. like in the movies! Most probably though, the person driving the car would be a guy, and he probably got the rainbow flag sticker thinking it had something to do with reggae music. People, the rainbow flag is the symbol of gay pride. I told many people about this already but they all tell me, its a rainbow flag, maybe the guy likes rainbows, its a common symbol. Sorry but no, a rainbow flag on a car or on someone's backpack means that that person is either gay or a lesbian. I found out about this maybe like 6 or 7 years ago, I was trying to hook myself up with this girl I had just met at Ben and Jerry's. After around 30 minutes of me pulling all the moves and stuff she points to a rainbow flag badge she was wearing and asks me "do you know what this is?". I was like a rainbow flag? She was like "this means I am lesbian, so you can stop hitting on me". We then went on to become good friends and she introduced me to all her lesbian friends and the underground lesbian community in Lebanon. So anyway, this was the second time I see a flag on a car here. The first time was on a Porsche Cayenne and now on a beat up ford explorer. For more info on the rainbow flag click here.

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Uploaded on February 10, 2005