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This is my memento to the wind's movements. Sometimes chaotic, sometime calm, always very living.

Wind movement measurement data (wind direction, velocity and temperature) was used to generate a 3d form, which was then cut out of wood.
( Digital wind meets wood :)

The wind line's direction is the compass direction of the wind, the wind's velocity is translated into the sculptural/formal wind line's direction. And, the wind's temperature is translated into the wind's height. The plateau represents 0°c. When the wind line is above, the temperature is somewhere above zero degrees, when the wind is cold, it digs into the wood surface.

The project is made possible via a kind cooperation between the media lab and school of design/paja (special thanks hannu, the machine master!) Of the helsinki aalto university/art & design campus.
The data very generously comes from the finnish meteorological institute's testbed helsinki project.