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Ugly Days #93 - News From Babo | by highlandmonkey
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Ugly Days #93 - News From Babo

Finally I got news from Babo. Yellow Trunko went to the post box to check the mail. He came up totally out of breath and was waving unpatiently with a letter from Babo.


I opened it instantly and everyone hoped that Babo was ok. Small purple Babo was the first who spotted the picture that Babo had put into the envelope. "Looks, looks. It's reallies from Babo. He looks fines!" she shouted excited.


Then Poe started to read the letter from Babo:


Hellos my cookies,


I is a wizards now! Yes, you heards rights.


I has been outs in the woods to practise hows to performs Magyks. Suddenlies I beams to a darks caves. I founds a ways out and was in a magykal place. Afters daysies of tryings to gets homes and eatings berries and fruits, I mets some nice lookings fairies who tooks me to a funnies and crazies goblins wizard.


He already knews that I wanteds to becomes a wizards. He tolds me that I hads greats talents already and askeds me if I wants to become his apprentice for some times to learns to be a wizard. I was so goods that I coulds makes the practicals magyk test already afters three daysies.


I hopes you are prouds of me and didn'ts worries to much. I is goings to stays some more daysies here and then makes my way homes again. I hopes a big bowls full of cookies goings to be waitings for me.


Magykal regards,



Graduates Wizards


We were all so happy that Babo was ok and no one could believe that Babo was such a talented wizard. Hopefully he does come home soon and tell us all about his magykal adventure.

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Taken on May 14, 2010