Princeton - Mountain Lake
I took the NJ Trails Association - Mountain Lakes Sampler hike, with side trips to Tusculum Farm, Coventry Farm and the Mountain Lakes House. The hike starts at the Main Parking Lot on Mountain Ave.

"The Greater Mountain Lakes Open Space Area, a “central park” in Princeton, consists of some 400 acres just north of the center of town,most of it open to the public. It has a wide variety of hiking and biking trails, some connecting to other trails outside of the area described here. Along with views of Tusculum, the estate built by John Witherspoon, and historic Coventry Farm, it features open fields, several small streams and lakes, old stone walls, boulder fields, and old growth pine and hardwood forests. The area may be divided into three sections: Mountain Lakes Preserve/Mountain Lakes North; John Witherspoon Woods and parts of Tusculum; and Community Park North. The remainder of Tusculum, to the east, and Coventry Farm, to the west, is private open space.

There are a total of about 9 miles of trails. James Sayen Trail is a 0.9 mile loop around two lakes separated by an old dam, due to be replaced in 2010. John Witherspoon Trail is a 0.9 mile loop through woods, streams and boulders, with four different access trails of 0.2 to 0.3 mile each. Coventry Farm Trail is mainly a boardwalk connecting Mountain Lakes with The Great Road and Farm View Fields. Stuart Trail runs along the border with Coventry Farm and connects Mountain Lakes North with the PDS/Pond View Trail across The Great Road, and ultimately with Woodfield Reservation. Other trails run through Tusculum and Community Park North." NJ Trails Asociation.
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