Monmouth Battlefield - Walk 1
One of the largest battles of the
American Revolution took place in
the fields and forests that now make
up Monmouth Battlefield State Park.
The park preserves a splendid rural
18th-century landscape of hilly
farmland and hedgerows that
encompasses miles of hiking and
horseback riding trails, picnic areas,
a restored Revolutionary War farm-
house and a visitors center.

There are several trails with Two Main Walking tours. Walk Number 1 (60 minutes) - Combs
Hill to The Hedgerow and Parsonage starts and ends at the Visitor Center.
Walk Number 2 (90 minutes) - Perrine Hill and The Sutfin Farm starts and ends a short
distance away on the Freehold-Englishtown Rd.( you drive there}. Be sure to pick up the maps
at the Visitor Center. Both walks are relatively easy thru rolling fields but with very little shade.
Basically the trails run along the perimeter of the battlefields which are now covered in crops
and orchards. I seemed to relate to Walk 2 with the "Molly Pitcher" story and the Ridge where
George Washington rode his horse back and forth urging the troops on.
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