Mt. Tammany to Sunfish Pond
"Overlooking the Delaware river on the NJ side stands Mt. Tammany. This mountain, a prtion of the Kittatinny Ridge offers one of the steepest climbs in all NJ as well as spectacular views from the summit. Also in this area are Dunnfield Creek with it's many waterfalls and cascades, the Appalachian Trail (AT) and Sunfish Pond" quote "50 Hikes in NJ"

I did this hike with a vertical rise of 1200 ft last year in 2007. This was the hike that made me a Hiker.

I had mentioned to Vivian that I wanted to hike the AT to Sunfish Pond and back - about 8 miles...She said she & Hector would like to also. You sure - I said.

She did some research and wanted to tackle Mt. Tammany also - So we combined the two into what turned out to be a very long and hard on the feet Hike. But made easier by the wonderful company.

It was a pleasure seeing the excitement of first time hikers at the Summit.
Next day they went home and I crossed the Delaware to hike up Mt. Minsi,
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