Naatia Intrafaith-Interfaith Mushaera 2.21.14
A successful Intrafaith-Interfaith Naatia Mushaera in Dallas February 21, 2014
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is referred to as Rahmatul Aalameen, i.e., mercy to mankind. HIS message is for the whole humanity and not just for Muslims. Tonight’s program is a reflection of that ideal; his message belongs to all of us regardless of our faith.

It was a purposeful event with three clear goals; to share Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh)teachings with fellow Americans; Muslims and non-Muslims alike, to focus on how Muslims can adopt his teachings to benefit the society at large, and to bring Muslims of different denominations together in understanding his message of peace.

Alhamdu Lillah, we achieved that goal

If God is Rabbul Aalameen (Creator of Universe) , and Prophet is Rahmatul Aalameen (Mercy to mankind), then it makes sense for us to become Maqhlooqul Aalameen (Universal beings) – simply meaning belonging to all of creation—matter and life and vice-versa. It also means we are one large family created out of a single couple and it makes sense to know and live with each other in harmony.

A full pictorial report is being prepared in the same sequence as the event.
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