MEPI-2010 Pluralism talk
MEPI-2010 Pluralism Talk
40th Middle East Peace Initiative, August 20-24, 2010

This was one of the most engaging conversations we have had in this trip. It was all about Pluralism and literally every one was involved in it. There was talk about Atheism, Gays & Lesbians, Religions besides the essence of religion. Thank God, I was able to address every issue squarely. In the two hours program we must have had at least 15 people actively participate coming to the podium, while every one expressed a keen interest on the topic – usually people shy away from these topics in these gatherings and I wanted to address them to the full. My approach was, if it is on your mind, it needs expression not repression.

Peace to the individual comes when he or she releases the concerns and questions that bite.

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Theme of the Conference: Interfaith, the United Nations and Peace in the 21st Century. Middle East Peace Initiative by the Universal Peace Federation, an organization of Reverend Dr. Sun Myung Moon. www.UPF.Org
This initiative is yielding results, a former Israeli Senator, Christian Member of the Palestinian Authority and 4 times elected Jerusalem Councilman delivered hopeful messages. It was a blessing to see the Palestinians and Israelis come together and talk about finding lasting solutions. A small portion of the divisive wall has come down and each one asserted that 70% of the Israeli and Palestinian populations want peace; together we all need to galvanize efforts to give momentum to peace.
Prayers for politicians – I suggest that every politician in Israeli and Palestinian governments be asked to start their day by looking in to the eyes of the Palestinian and Israeli children and ask themselves, what kind of future they want to give to these kids? Should the future generation call them criminals for not giving hope and security to these children? Should the public measure the success of the politicians on the scale of what they create or what they destroy? It is time for the public to take responsibility and dump those who do not improve their lot. Each people have to remember that one cannot have peace if the others do not have it.
Mike Ghouse is a speaker, thinker and writer on Pluralism and Islam offering Pluralistic solutions to the public and the media on issues of the day. This trip was taken as an Ambassador for peace of the Universal Peace Federation Mike’s work is encapsulated in 22 blogs and 3 websites listed at
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