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Sea Otter preening itself in Morro Bay, CA  sea-otter-morro-bay_13 | by mikebaird
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Sea Otter preening itself in Morro Bay, CA sea-otter-morro-bay_13

Sea Otter preening itself in Morro Bay, CA Feb. 21, 2007 - taken from a kayak on a calm day... this critter got very comfortable with us... so we did not molest it by drifting fairly close. In fact, I discarded many shots because the focus range was set for >=6.5 meters, and I was closer than that. Photo by Mike Baird, - Shot w/ a Canon 20D w/ 100-400 mm f/4.5-5.6 IS lens handheld. 1/250 f/11 400mm ISO 400 built-in flash


This photo is published with my permission at

31 March 2008, This sea otter image is posted, along with a few more of my Sea Otter photos, under a Creative Commons Attribution license, at and permission was given to Carol Anne Rashee to make some artwork motivated by these images. says "This is a featured picture on Wikimedia Commons: it is considered one of our finest images.


20 June 2008 featured image on


Creative Commons use note


This photo was a candidate in Picture of the Year 2008 (


22 Oct. 2009. Creative Commons use note: Bobbi Coulter [bobbi [at} falloncoulter d o t com] says "We are working on a cooperative educational interpretation project for the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve and saw one of your photos - of a sea otter - that we would like to use on our Marine Mammal. Just so you can see how the photo will be used, we've attached a design comp. We had a different otter, but he was not a high-enough resolution. We are producing 16 panels total and the goal is to inform visitors about the importance of preserving the Reserve and all the plants and animals that live there. This is an educational project and is not for profit - However, we will gladly include photo credit on the picture. Would this be OK with you? If so, exactly what would you like us to list as your photo credit? Thank you, Bobbi Direct: 775.771.7320." I said Bobbi, I love to contribute to projects like yours. I'm honored you want to use my image. The comp mock up looks terrific, and attribution as you show it is perfect. If you wanted to see other candidates lists ~150 otters by "interestingness." No real need to read further - (pasted below) documents answers to all questions I get about using my images... e.g., make sure you get to the full res-version, please add a comment, etc. Mike Baird mike [at} mikebaird d o t com


04 Feb 2010, Creative Commons use on the Conservation Maven :Dear Dr. Baird, I wanted to thank you for sharing your amazing wildlife and nature photographs. I also wanted to let you know that we profiled Sea otter preening itself in Moro Bay, on the website Conservation Maven - . We just launched the site about six months ago. The point of the site is to help people working in the conservation field (or people who just care about conservation) stay connected to new information that may interest them or help them in their work. We profile one or two particularly important conservation studies each day along with news, book reviews, videos, photos, and a funding board

Please stop by and visit the site and feel free to give me any feedback. Also, feel free to pass the word on if you know anyone who you think might be interested. We are trying to build our audience so that we can become a valuable resource for the conservation community. Thanks again for your generosity and contributions to society. Rob Goldstein, Editor, Conservation Maven


14 April 2010 Creative Commons use approved:

Our company is on contract with an exhibit design company called Alchemy of Design to do the graphic design for the non-profit Museum of the Aleutians in Unalaska. One section of the exhibits features information about the wildlife of the Aleutian Chain. For that section, we would like to use your photo of a sea otter. You have several; this is the photo I mean:

I found it initially on wikipedia, and I see that it has a creative commons license attached to it. May we use this photo? We would of course give you a credit line, and while we have a limited budget, we can negotiate with you any fee you'd like to propose.

We are coming up to a production deadline, so If you could get back to me in the next few days, I'd really appreciate it. If you need more information from me, don’t hesitate to email or phone me.

Thanks very much, Sharon Smith, Interpretive Writer/Researcher

Lodestar Studio, 503-775-9381, sharonsmitih [at} lodestarstudio d o t com


20 Aug 2010 Creative Commons us approved:

My name is Lisa and I'm writing to you from the Aleutian island of Adak, where I work for the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge. I have just completed work on an illustrated field guide to the flora and fauna of Shemya Island, in the Western Aleutians. On the page about sea otters, I used a couple of your photographs ( and, cited as you instructed on your website; I've attached a low-resolution copy of the guide page so you can see exactly how they were used. Printed copies of the guide will be distributed free-of-charge to people working on Shemya, and will hopefully encourage the people on the island to appreciate and protect the island's natural resources. Lisa Spitler Lisa_Spitler [at} fws d o t gov, Biological Technician

Aleutian Islands Unit - Alaska Maritime NWR, P.O. Box 5251, Adak, AK 99546,Ph: 907.226.4642

Fax: 907.226.4645


31 Aug 2010 Creative Commons use approved: Date: 31st August, 2010. Greetings from Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, My name is Crystal Bolduc and I am working on the Wickaninnish Interpretive Centre Redesign Project at the Park. The new exhibits require a host of images and there are many gaps in the park's own image collection. In searching for material the designers might use, one of your images was identified as a possibility. The image would only be used in the context of intepreting the park on a new exhibit. I would like to ask your permission for the use of the image of the Sea Otter and would like to send a PDF of the file to you. Would you be able to forward me your email address so that I might send the file? You can also reach me at Crystal.Bolduc [at}pc.gc d o t ca Crystal Bolduc, Admin. Assistant, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve


27 Sept 2010

This Sea Otter is used in the Marine Protected Area (MPA) Panel Draft at (note: this panel may not be visible pending permission to publish)


07 March 2011 Use if my sea otter image from on your page at looks fine - thanks for the use note.


Used here with attribution COURSE DESCRIPTION

Marine biogeography - Universidade do Algarve - Portugal, Campus de Gambelas

Universidade do Algarve, Campus de Gambelas, Faro 8005-139

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Taken on February 21, 2007