play my face – interactive sound installation
Play My Face
by Michel Winterberg,

An interactive sound installation, with four speakers, an iMac, Mac mini and video camera.
Exhibited during the Open House on January 13 and 14, 2011 at the Institute HyperWerk HGK FHNW Basel.

With its eyes, the machine watches and follows the recipient. It interprets the facial expressions and transforms them into soundscapes. Once the recipient opens her mouth, she will hear sounds. These are modulated e. g. through opening the mouth wide or not so wide, and also through the position and slow movement of the head. The spatial effect of six different soundscapes is deepened through the quadraphonic speaker configuration. The recipient herself turns into a communicator observed. She and the machine can look each other in the eyes – "the eye as a mirror of the soul".

Conception, sound, Max MSP Jitter-programming:
Michel Winterberg, ©

Eliane Gerber and Felicia Schäfer, video textures
Adrian Demleitner, Open Frameworks

Camera and Editing: Gabriel Wolf
Sound: Michel Winterberg
Recipient: Daniela Vieli

Thanks to:
Institute Kunst HGK FHNW Basel. Institute HyperWerk FHNW Basel. Jason Saragih, FaceTracker, Kyle McDonald, FaceOSC,
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