Icelandic Horses Kozmeniuk~Young horses & Foals - Sire, Eril fra Sperdli Arnasons Kozmeniuk's Icelandic Horse farm
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Kozmeniuks Icelandic s
Album of horses raised on our farm
Horses shown here are not all available for sale, but many are! if interested in a Horse its best to inquire thank you This springs Foals Sire Eril Fra Sperdli
High Point Stallion
Aranson Icelandic Horse Farm Winnipeg Manitoba Canada Erill is Here at Kozmeniuks Icelandic s
First Prize Stallion Dam: Benny Fra Austvadsholti (ISL) 87286814
Sire: Piltur fra Sperdi (ISL) 85186005

Under saddle, Erill is clear in all gaits and forward in his movement. Temperament is calm, he is eager to please.
All the foals are showing excellent gait at liberty in the pasture.
They will make fine pleasure and competition horses.
He is High Point Stallion 2001 you can see his profile at Arnason's Icelandic horse Farm Link on the Icelandic Horse Federation Canada Web site
Very proud he's here.
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