Olohuone.fi & McIce
Olohuone.fi is a huge project that aims at totally new kind of product. Few main ideas are:

As few physical parts as possible, giving as many functions as possible - everything possible to use regardless of your physical location

All electric devices are hidden - Own furniture line that has integrated intelligence

Very easy to use (voice commands / mobile phone as a remote controller / keyboard)

All possible formats supportet

Offers new experiences - huge FULL HD screen and surround sound system

Allows one to create own media

Genuinely helps everyday life

Furnitures designed so that cleaning of the house is much easier - nothing needs to be moved during cleaning.

Adds free time, brings people together

Is economically and ecologically better than old fashion way to build home entertainment and home automation

and much more...
Visit www.mcice.fi for more info
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