E-Riding Mower II
My 2nd Generation DIY Electric Lawn Tractor.

Built with a customized DC Motor from D&D Motors. It is specially wound in order to merely apply 36 to 48vdc to the motor without the need for a controller.

Pretty much, turn on the mower, and start mowing. Drive speed is controlled with the original hydrostatic drive, just as it was with the Internal Combustion Engine.

By having the motor run at it's most optimum speed continuously, the blades are always running at high RPM, and efficiency.

Cost of the conversion is also greatly reduced, by not needing a controller.

Motor amps unloaded around 20amps, with blades activated 30amps. Haven't measured amps while driving, because all i have is a handheld clamp-on dc current meter. I can say however I've yet to trip the 100amp DC breaker whlle mowing.

So, Lawn Equipment Manufacturers - It can be done, it's not complicated, and or expensive. Dump the Internal Combustion Engine.
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