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the wind | by maureen_sill
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the wind

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we climb the hill and step over fallen trees, surrounded by walls of green, looking over the peaks in to the river a couple hundred feet below that we just came out of, the deer running around and looking at us and we say in our brains we will not hurt you we will not hurt you

it feels good to make fun of people who eat meat with you but never in a mean way, just in a silly way, and i realized for the first time today that all my best friends are vegans and vegetarians, it's almost out of the question to eat meat when we're all together

it would just be a faux paus or however you spell it, truly

anyway we are talking and catching up

oh taylor you just got back from colorado and wyoming, doing environmental science things and vicki tells us about giving a cello lesson today

a thirtysomething man bringing her iced tea and enjoying every single second of a musical lesson

learning how to hold things

how to play things correctly, or close as possible

i ask vicki where her favorite place she has ever been was, she says boston but more than that i loved just the fact i was there alone with my friends and we could do whatever we wanted to do

yeah that is what makes a place, doesn't it doesn't it doesn't it


and i say to both of you i can't believe it but i'm really happy for real, i'm not even kidding this time

and you say that's good

and i realize that i think that the closest to being happy that someone as dramatic/neurotic and jittery as me can ever hope for is having some really, truly good and beautiful days in a row with nice people and food and sights and sounds

and that's as good as it gets but really this is the best i can remember and i'm so grateful and i know that


these days in the valley and in the metroparks and on my bike and on the bus and making zines and taking a lot of photos and listening to lots of records and spending little to no money and writing even more songs than ever, these days are perfect and all i ever want or need

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Taken on June 8, 2008