"Beaucoup Vite Loin" by Marc Morgan & les Obstacles, limited edition
"Beaucoup Vite Loin" by Marc Morgan & les Obstacles,
printed by Bruno Robbe as an artist signed limited edition lithograph of 50 copies,
including a photo-lithography by Charlotte Beaudry.

Designed as a 12 inch vinyl format, this edition was printed in 50 copies. It includes an original photolithography by Charlotte Beaudry, printed in March 2012 on the presses of the Bruno Robbe's studio in Frameries (B) and the CD "Beaucoup Vite Loin" by Marc Morgan.

The copies are numbered 1 to 50 and signed by the authors.

The photolithography comes from the picture of a small typographical installation, designed and photographed by Charlotte Beaudry for the booklet "Beaucoup Vite Loin" (Freaksville Record). Preparing his recent "Get Drunk" exhibition at WIELS in Brussels, Charlotte had made a sculpture of this type, in particular for the exhibition poster. Excited about this work, Marc offered him to imagine a declension. The idea of an edition came later, thanks to the enthusiasm and talent of Bruno Robbe.

About Charlotte Beaudry.
Charlotte Beaudry, born 1968 in Huy (Belgium), lives and works in Brussels. Coming from a young generation of contemporary artists expressing themselves through painting and drawing, she has, for the past ten years, explored a large repertoire of figurative images intertwined with issues of revelation and concealment of the reality depicted.

About Marc Morgan.
Before launching a successful solo career in France in early 90's, singer-songwriter Marc Morgan emerged on the scene in the mid-80's as founder-member of Les Tricheurs. He wrote and performed with belgian band La Variété, then became a musician and producer for Freaksville Record, indie label from Belgium. A member of Phantom and Miam Monster Miam Et Les Love Drones, he recorded and/or toured with Miam Monster Miam, Jacques Duvall, Phantom featuring Lio, Phantom featuring Marie France, Sophie Galet, Juan d'Oultremont... His fourth album "Beaucoup vite loin" was produced between Berlin and Brussels with the band "Marc Morgan et les Obstacles".

About Bruno Robbe.
Bruno Robbe is lithographer and publisher. His studio was founded in 1949 by his grandfather Arthur Robbe and is installed in Frameries, Belgium. Many Belgian and foreign artists come there to work. (Luciano Fabro, Charley Case, Jean-Marc Bustamante, David Nash, Peter Downsbrough, amongst others). Those collaborations revolve mainly around original prints in limited edition. A music lover, Bruno also likes to build bridges between the worlds of image and sound (Rodolphe Burger, Miam MonsterMiam, Marc Morgan, Jérôme Mardaga...).
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