SF Randonneur/Rivendell Stop/Shell Ridge with the Family
I find myself incredibly lucky and fortunate to be able to do rides this far and this long. I have very supportive love ones and I'm lucky enough that I have the time to do these rides. I find out more about myself every time I do rides like these. For this Populaire I learned that it was okay to ride for yourself. As social as cycling if you have to get somewhere you have to get there under your own power(unless your riding on a tandem). So riding for yourself is essential.
The start of this ride started out to be almost the same as the last populaire. Cold, a chance of rain with a hint of fog rolling over the bridge. Great group of people these SF Randonneurs got to meet a handful of them from previous rides and a few from the Rivendell forum. Adam and Adam was there participating in their first rando event. Rob was there to greet everyone who was eager to warm up because they were freezing their booties off. Luckly the fog burnt off and the rest of the ride was just about perfect. Got to share the ride with Carlos and talked to him about touring. He's a lucky man to have a love one who does these types of events with him. She was working the finish control for that day. After the first control I got the ride with Esteban who portrays what a typical Randonneur should look like. Wool Jersey, awesome beard, self-fulfilling look of tiredness. Curious about how many Rando events I have to do to get a beard like his.
Not like it matters to anyone else but me but I got to finish the ride 10 minutes earlier then the last Populaire. I'm particularly proud of this because I rode my road bike on the last populaire. Goes to show you that the bike doesn't matter.
Felt good so decided to take the family out riding. Since I needed to stop by RivHQ, I decided to take them riding around Shell Ridge. A quick stop by the shop, never is quick when you end up chatting it up with everyone.(Always a good thing) Harry showed me his new hat (for the life of me I forget where he got it from) which was previously pink but turned to this awesome cream. I even got to ride Harry's Brompton which rides normally despite being a tiny folding bike.
Off on Shell Ridge the family had a great time. My father wanted to see what these Rivendell bike's were all about so I urged him to ride it. He seems natural on the bike and the learns how to ride with bar-ends in less then two minutes. My father being a very reserved person approves silently with huge grin coming down the hills of Shell Ridge. Not bad of a day to go riding.
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