12i: exhibition
8 March - 25 March 2012
iMAL, Brussels

An installation by Marcio Ambrosio in collaboration with Yacine Sebti & Sophie Klecker

For the first time in Europe Marcio Ambrosio presents his playful participatory installation 12i. Inspired by the principle of the zoetrope - a 19th-century device forerunner of cinema - Marcio again combines classic animation techniques with new technologies. He brings us into a magical universe where the participants are invited to record, watch and share their own animations on a sculpture that mixes sound and images.

The whole 12i experience is definitely funny and surprising, for the enjoyment of old and young alike. The participants can also share their recorded animations on the 12i.tv website. Partly made with digital fabrication techniques, the installation is highly participative and allows the visitors to interact with their entire body, making the experience absolutely hilarious.

12i has been presented during Rumos Arte Cibernética at Institut Itaú Cultural (São Paulo, Brazil) where already 5.000 animations have been recorded (see 12i.tv). After a first production residency at iMAL in 2011, it is now finally presented in Brussels.

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