Youth Media Tech Camp Summer 2012
Youth Media Tech Camp Summer 2012

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Just wanted to give you all an end of the week update from the Blue Track. We have covered so many different territories this week! From "circuit bending" to image and video manipulation to stop-motion animation to live action movies. I am truly impressed with everyone's ability to jump from genre to genre especially within a weeks time. The kids have been creating sound synthesizers out of old am/fm radios using a "laying of hands" technique and have been documenting this process in stop-motion....really exciting. I also introdced them to the process of editing written source code of jpegs as a way to alter or remix the actual makeup of an image. They also have tried a similar method to manipulate video source code, but through the means of an alternative open source computer operating system. Today one of our biggest productions entitled "The Outbreak", a live action zombie movie, which nearly involved everyone in the entire class has entered its post production/editing stages. There are also pmany off shoot projects, many of the stop-motion animation persuasion, that just sprout up on their own, which is great because it often shows that someone is really devoted to working independently. The kids are most willing to contribute to the collective effort of making cutting edge projects which is also really exciting because they're so open to suggestions from peers and adults alike.

This week has ultimately been all about experimentation and for me about leading them toward a more intimate, hands on relationship with digital and analog media. Im really proud of the work that has come out of this week and Im positive they are too.

With that being said, I hope to see you all at tomorrow's "World Premiere" at MACSD at 3pm! It should be a lot of fun.

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