Butterick 5187-B: Grunge Remix
February 6, 2012: Spent Sunday tracing pattern pieces. Added a little flare to the back skirt to accommodate my hips, and cut the neck down a little since I'm leaving the hood off and adding an overlap and buttons down the front. I'll probably wear this mostly in the winter, over a henley.

I find the term "remix" irritating when applied to clothing, but it seems appropriate here since, even though it's from the Seventies, this seems to combine the baby-doll dress, baja hoodie, and, in this case, plaid flannel shirt of the grunge era.

For the record: Yes, I am grunge-era-age. Grunge was great cover for those of us who couldn't possibly keep up with the stylish girls in high school. Hilariously, I never actually listened to grunge music, even though I definitely looked like I did.
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