liminal: Black Water Brown Water
In March 2007 liminal were commissioned by British Waterways to create a permanent soundwalk to contribute to the Stourport Canal Basin Regeneration project. Black Water Brown Water is a cinematic rendering in sound of the characters involved in the creation of the Stourport Basin.

Our point of departure for the walk is the island, a resonant metaphor as an interface between the land as it was, as defined by its relationship to the river Severn and the land as it is, as defined by its relationship to the Basins. Myths of Sabrina (Hafren) goddess of the River Severn and historical accounts of Brindley the engineer of the canal system explore the juxtaposition of the free-flowing river and the contained and controlled water of the canals. Using binaural recordings combined with constructed texts, a narrative is woven together and seamlessly combined with ‘assembled’ sound-scapes to create a final binaural mix, that when presented to the listener, creates an uncanny sensation of not knowing what is real and what is not.
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