LED Lights at Santa Monica Pier
Merry Go Round Carousel building on the World Famous Santa Monica Pier edge lit with LEDtronics S14 Style, LED Light Bulbs. LED S14L part number DEC-S14L-SIW-120A Consumes Only 1.3 Watts — Compares with a 11 Watt Incandescent. That's over 80% energy saving. Long Life LED light bulbs means less Maintenance care, which equals greater savings.

LEDtronics TRF-A19-TPW-02 LED Bulbs in the Beacon Light Fixtures Around the Perimeter that Outlines the Santa Monica Pier. The A19-Style, Solid-State (LED) Light Bulb provides Direct Incandescent Replacement and Up to 90% Energy Savings

LEDtronics TRF-A19-TPW-02 product link;

Santa Monica Pier walkway (Boardwalk) area lit up with LED Pendants lights.
LED Pendants light bulbs only consume 27 watts of power. They replace close to 150+ watt older MH bulb types.
LED Pendants light bulbs provide instant energy saving and the LED Long-Life also provides maintenance cost savings.

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The rest area around the Santa Monica Pier Merry Go Round Carousel building lighting with LED Lights. The LED Pendants Lights for Acorns, Globes, Bollards with E39 Base Only uses 20 Watts of power and Replace 50 Watts to 70 Watts MH / HPS bulbs. LEDtronics part number LED28MH-24X2W-XPW-001 are being used in these pendant style Mogul-Base Fixtures.

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