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DIY Multiple Flash mount | by Chun Wu
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DIY Multiple Flash mount

Do it yourself multiple flash mount. Why buy one for $50+ when you can make one for under $8?


What you need:

- piece of aluminum strip that is sturdy and can handle 5 lbs. 30 cm in length, search the local flea market, scrap metal yards or thrift stores.

- 4x 1/4" wingnuts

- 5x 1/4" nuts

- 1x 1"x1/4" threaded bolt

- 3x 1.25"x1/4" thread bolt

- 2x 3/4"x1/4" long nuts

- 2x washers

- 1x 3"x1/4" long bolt

- 2-3 coldshoe mounts or speedlight stands



-Optional: Vice grip to bend the pocket wizard mounting end.

- hack saw capable of cutting aluminum

- hand drill: 1/8" & 1/4" or 5/8" size drill head. Drill smaller holes first then drill the 1/4" hole

- hammer & nail to pin-point area to be drilled, give it a light tap

- metal filer and small grain sand paper. file rough edges and sand it for the finishing touch.



1. Take the aluminum strip, cut it to size. (30cm or 12")

2. Optional: Make a bend to one end of the strip for the Pocket Wizard mount using vice grips or pliers

3. Make the necessary measurements and plot the area to be drilled. The flash mounting holes should be a minimum of 3.5" or 9cm apart from each other.

4. use the hammer and nail to pin-point the area to be drilled.

5. Drill the holes.

6. Sand down any rough or sharp edges and wipe the strip with wet cloth

7. Assemble the wingnuts, bolts, washers and nuts as seen in picture.

8. Tighten the Long nut with a wrench.



You may improvise this project to your liking or what you think will work for you.

You'll need an existing umbrella flash mount for this to work.


click here for more detailed view of bracket.


UPDATE: use snap rings to replace hex nuts for the cold-shoe bolt mounts

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Taken on May 23, 2009