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If the eye does not want to see, neither light nor glasses will help. | by lancelonie
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If the eye does not want to see, neither light nor glasses will help.

quote by German Proverb



Beautiful Blue Behind Those Glasses


I was taking photos of her and her friend's bicycles beforehand and never thought that the owners will be my models, too... I knew it - a girl with a summer hat and a cool attitude would never say no for an answer!


I was taking down her name on paper when she said, "Actually, it's Molly with an IE." :)


Well, I must say, Mollie gave me two challenges that afternoon. First was name spelling and second, eye-color capturing.


In my other posts, I mentioned the eyes are primarily what my focus are. Here, as you can see, she had her eye glasses on. This being a street shot (as opposed to stylized portraiture), I didn't feel comfortable telling her to take them off. I was the one asking for a favor so whatever this young stranger was wearing, I shouldn't change that. Besides, the shot should be realistic; that is, whatever was there on the street, take it.


So, I brought this home and found out later that behind those Superman spectacles is a pair of beautiful blue eyes.


Mollie, by the way, was the first to wish me, "Good luck with your project!" as she biked away with her friend. I thought that was really sweet!



Photo: Cool Sweetheart (Facebook version here)

by Nelonie Crelencia aka lancelonie

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Taken on August 13, 2011