Perry's Water Gardens
Perry’s Water Gardens is a Wholesale/Retail Aquatic plant nursery established in 1980 by the famous hybridizer, Perry D. Slocum, and is known for shipping high quality mature plants. Currently his stepson, Ben Gibson, who purchased the gardens at Perry's death in 2004, is running the gardens. for more info see:

Lakemont Gallery has an outlet for waterlilies, lotus and bog plants and fish on demand for retail customers and will match the direct from the garden price plus shipping and handling. We don't mean for you not to go to the gardens in person, but if time and distance are a factor, we are here in Lakemont and have a selection of gorgeous waterlilies and bog plants and 1 lotus left (in bloom now).

In addition to offerings at the gardens, Ben Gibson is available to design and maintain ponds and water gardens, including rock work and water falls.

In this group of photos we see a multitude of healthy vibrant plants (perhaps including some weeds) at late season so there are a lot of seed pods in the lotus beds and the water lilies' leaves are just starting to yellow a bit. I promise an early spring tour next year.

Ben has been so busy working on other peoples gardens that his own are a tad overgrown - nevertheless, with the surrounding weeping willows and critically placed firs - the waterlilies are thriving.
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