Kluwer “Your assistant”
• Gold Cuckoo Award 2007
Creative Use of Letterbox
• Nomination Eurobest 2008
• Finalist John Caples Awards
New York 2008

The job of environmental coordinator or prevention adviser is quite complex. Yet this position is often not judged at its true value. With the Kluwer Workflow tools coordinators are able to work more efficiently and limit their workload.

Kluwer sends out a mailing that appears to be coming from the addressee’s internal Human Resources department. Its message: “Finally help is on the way to ease your workload”. Enclosed is Harry Helpful’s
business card – the new invisible assistant – in the addressee’s house style. Through a personalised Internet address (e.g., johndoe.getshelp.be) the addressee can immediately meet and test the invisible online assistant, Harry Helpful.

The mailing was tested on a small group of ‘hot prospects’. From this group 16% clicked on the personalised Internet address. This one-step campaign only, generated 21% of the turn-over for this product at a total cost per contact of 7.9 euros. These results encouraged Kluwer to launch this campaign for the full target group.
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