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Silhouette | by Mark.K.H.
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From "The Red Solitude" exhibition held in Arta Gallery (at the Historic Distillery District) in Toronto.




"Red Solitude" alludes to the private and surreal that is at the core of the common and everyday.


People tell me that these dreamscapes seem prearranged and frozen in time. I take it as an affirmation, because none of the shots were in any way staged. Athough seemingly stationary, they will never be repeated again, the birds will fly elsewhere, other passersbies will arrange themselves differently against the bricks and the alley-roads.


My intent was to capture the linkage between a frenzied moment and the timeless bedrock from which it sprung in a futile escape attempt. Amidst the madding crowd and din of street life, one can escape down a chute like Alice in Wonderland into a world of solitude and magical connections, where polarities, directions, sense and nonsense are reversed, identity lost and union gained.


For this reason, I never sought to show people's faces, they are like paper that has already been written on, where as I wanted to show the process of transforming an idea from its primeval, unspoken state to a startled awareness. This corresponds to my position regarding this collection.


Additionally, I would like to mention that these old bricks, walls and creepers present in the photographs have been chosen for charitable sense of peace and assurance, a knowing yet unknowable witness, being scrutinized by inscrutable, which is just as it should be.


Why Red? Red is intimate and private and even more so is "Red is Solitude".


Note: The photographs presented in The Red Solitude Collection were taken using three over lapped filters of selected colors to generate and at the same time intensify the color Red in the medium. This style of photography is called "Black and Red" by the artist. No digital alteration or manipulation has been done on any of the photographs


Kiavash Hamidi

March 2006


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Taken on December 28, 2005