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meet Isit... | by lightsongs
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meet Isit...

he is the reason i have been away from flickr the past few weeks.


it all started when i decided to begin riding at the riding club olivia goes to. then i decided i may like to buy a horse. which led me to look around the club at various horses for sale.


i found quite a few and i also discovered a few shocking things along the way.


the club has a "riding school" which is for anyone to go to, but there is also a huge private section where people rent out stables and pay livery for their horse. there are many horses that have been "abandoned" by their owners. they never come to see their horses, no-one takes them out of their "stables" and no-one gives them hay. it is very very sad. these beautiful animals spend 23 hours plus in a crappy stable. lots of them have developed "vices" which are bad habits such as sucking air or swaying or bitiing. such vices are the result of boredom and frustration.


so...the kids and i have "adopted" about five horses. well, three that we see every day (me twice a day) and another two we try to see every day. today i bought hay and vitamins for a total of 10 horses. i have organised for the vet to come and see two...just this evening i was tending to a large open maggot infested wound on one little pony...


the club says its hands are tied as the owners are responsible and if they dont come, no-one can force them. there is not really an organisation for the welfare of animals here (such as the rspca in uk) so there is little we can do.


except try to give these guys a lot of love and a lot of hay!! and as much exercise as possible!


so, for now the horses are my priority. its a full time thing. takes three to four hours to see to just three of them. and by 11am its too hot to do much with them!! isit, above, is probably the skinniest one and the top of my list for getting him healthy.


anyway, hope YOU are all well...and i hope to see you soon!!

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Taken on January 25, 2009