Saudi Investment in Afghanistan
Several years ago I got a hold of a very rare portfolio with original 12 by 18" photographs, charts, diagrams, blueprints and renderings for Saudi investment in Afghanistan. I find in my opinion that the Saudis try their level best to make this world a better place by putting their money into good and beneficial developments and programs. Here you will see dozens of ideas incorporated into this book showing Development in Afghanistan of housing, schools, office buildings, etc. It's a very good demonstration between two countries working together for a better future. I do not know any of the parties involved personally in this dedicated process but the man who sold me the book years ago seemed to be involved in developing projects in Afghanistan and was from Afghanistan. He was quite knowledgeable. The Afghans are strong, good natured and very hospitable friendly people and the Saudis obviously trying to help good people. Feel free to browse through the interesting photos that show a positive piece of history. More photos coming soon.
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