Little Miss Winter - custom Blythe
Miss Winter, based on “Mother Hulda” Grimm’s fairy tale
Once upon a time there was a little girl named Eclair, who was rich and unhappy (so they say)… she had everything she wanted… but there’s always a price to pay…. One day she could stand her golden cage no longer… with a help of her faithful little maid she managed to sneak out from the mansion and hide in the garden by the old well… She gazed at her sad reflection and for the moment it seemed to be snowing… winter.. she whispered.. and felt into the well…

When she woke up, everything was white but pleasantly warm.. snow was glistering like a precious gems… And not far away she found a lovely little white cottage, with a door knob in the shape of a snowflake..When she knocked, a scary old woman opened the door, and Eclair hesitated for a moment, but the Old woman had the nice husky voice and good eyes… so she entered and found herself in a house of Madame Winter, who promised her a place in her house in exchange for help.

From now on Eclair swept the floors, baked the bread, and fluffed the pillows… and she had to do it well, because just then the most beautiful snowflakes fell on the earth..Despite, or maybe thanks to the hard work she found herself happy… fresh, simple buns and hot cocoa tasted like heaven… incomparable to any treasures in the world…When the year passed, Eclair could leave… but because for the first time in her life she felt really happy… she asked if she can stay..
from that moment… we call her little miss Winter.

Base - simply Vanilla FBL
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